The traditional cuisine of Korcula Island, as with Dalmatian cuisine in general, is a unique combination of local ingredients and a traditional way of preparation. It is one of the healthiest and best cuisines in the world. The clean environment, fertile fields and hardworking hands of the hosts are guarantees for originality of the local food. The centuries old recipes with little culinary creativity creates a gastronomic experience which nobody will be able to resist.

Start your gastronomic adventure with Dalmatian smoked ham and cheese, salted fish and olives. The hosts will offer you various aromatised liquors and brandies (herb brandy, carob brandy, rose brandy).

Fresh fish is prepared on the grill, cooked or marinated; squids, fish, octopus and crabs cooked on grilled, or as risotto; fresh clams (limpet and urchins); meat is prepared on the grill or roasted under the bell with salted bacon fat, Smokvica beef stew with gnocchi; and others, are only a few specialities which you can enjoy in the local restaurants.

Side dishes are mainly boiled vegetables: Swiss chard with potatoes, broad beans, courgettes, cabbage, ‘gruda’ (a mix of wild edible herbs) or cherry tomato sauce seasoned with olive oil. Typical Mediterranean herbs are used in cuisine (rosemary, basil, etc) and are a guarantee for unforgettable taste and scent and of course you should not forget to finish all this with a glass of Smokvica wine such as Posip, Rukatac or Plavac. 

Desserts are a real joy and are prepared according to traditional recipes. Fried almonds, arancini (candied orange skin), dry figs, prsurate, hrstule, babe, fafioli, varenik, mantala, sirnice, lumblije, carob cake and homemade cakes are best consumed with “Prosek” (sweet desert wine). The diversity of dishes prepared in a traditional way, the virgin olive oil and the top quality wines show the richness of gastronomy of this area.  Enjoy your meal!!!