• Kunjas wine cellar

Winery Kunjas is proud of their long tradition in viticulture and wine-making and today it is run by the seventh generation in the family. Grape and wine production takes place in Smokvica on the island of Korčula. Small village with less than a thousand residents but most known as a place where Pošip originated.


All of the grapes come from our own vineyards that spread on approximately 4 hectares of land located on the 21st  microlocation. Vineyards are about 20 years old in average, and the grape variety which is mostly present there is Pošip, about 85 % and the rest are white varieties such as (Rukatac & Grk) and red wine variety (black grape) called Plavac mali.


At the moment we are offering 6 labels of wine that are selling mostly in the home market. Main brand that represents the winery is Pošip Kunjas, wine which is produced by selecting only the best grapes which go through the process of vinification. Wine is then stored in barrels made from Slavonian oak. 


Smokvica 52 ; 20272 Smokvica

Tel +385(0) 20 831 074

Mob +385(0) 99 703 2819