• Milina Wine cellar

This modern winery located on the road between Smokvica and Brna opened it's doors in 2011.  A special wine tasting room is opened for everyone who wants to try some of the finest wines, including fresh and the older ones. Speciality of this winery is that it produces wine in amphoras i.e. a long, narrow clay jar/container with two handles, wider at the top than at the base, that was used in ancient times especially for storing oil or wine.


Wine tasting: Yes, book an appointment: 095-202-5689



Wine cellar "Milina"

Smokvica 291; 20272 Smokvica

Tel +385(0)20 831 167

Fax +385(0)20 831 165

Mob +385(0)95 2025 689

e-mail:  vina-milina@net.hr 

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