Fishing in Adriatic

Tradition of fishing in Brna is as old as the settlement itself. You can fish on your own or you can join the local fishermen leaving at dawn. Real joy is to sail with a boat while the seagulls follow you and return with the catch which you can prepare and share with your host. 



  • Kunjas wine cellar

Winery Kunjas is proud of their long tradition in viticulture and wine-making and today it is run by the seventh generation in the family. Grape and wine production takes place in Smokvica on the island of Korčula. Small village with less than a thousand residents but most known as a place where Pošip originated.





  • Vidilo Wine cellar

Winery Vidilo originated from the family's tavern (konoba) also bearing the same name and it has continued with hundreds of years old tradition in wine growing and wine making. Vine has always been a provider of food for our family and all of Smokvica. Effort, knowledge, will of ancestors, nectar of the sun and the scent of the land are combined in a glass of wine Vidilo. Family rural household Ante Kriletić produces wine varieties such as Pošip and Plavac mali.



Wine tasting: Yes



Wine cellar "Vidilo"

20272 Smokvica



  • Toreta wine cellar

Inspirational wines from the inspirational Island of Korčula.

Winery Toreta is a family „boutique“ winary from Smokvica that produces wines from autochthonous grape varieties such as: Pošip, Rukatac and Plavac.


Salečić Mladen 

  • Salecic Mladen Wine cellar

Family rural household Salečić is a newly founded family business. Their main activity is wine- growing and producing wine variety Pošip. They offer superior and good quality wine.



Wine tasting: No


Wine cellar Salečić Mladen

Smokvica 224; 20272 Smokvica

mob +385(0)98 184 1599



  • Jo Ma Jo Wine Cellar

The Pecotić – Kokot family has been producing wine for more than fifty years. Today we produce Pošip, Plavac Mali and Plavac Mali called „Marča Vrh.“ Marča vrh is a locality with stone walls which my father built with his bare hands. Despite of the ungenerous land where both man and vine crave for a drop of water we succeeded in making a complex wine thanks to the experience gathered through out the years.  The perfect taste of Plavac mali can not be described, you have to try it! 



Wine tasting: Yes



Wine cellar Pecotić Josip



  • Car Wine cellar

The Baničević Car family passes the interest for winemaking and winegrowing as well as passion for wine traditionally from one generation to another. The family heritage encouraged Frano Banićević Car to turn former production for personal use into bigger market – oriented production. In 2010. he rearranged and modernized his grandfather's tavern (konoba). Today he produces top quality wines, which compete in local market. 




Wine tasting: Yes


Wine cellar Baničević Frano Car

20272 Smokvica

mob +385(0)98 962 5395



  • Milina Wine cellar

This modern winery located on the road between Smokvica and Brna opened it's doors in 2011.  A special wine tasting room is opened for everyone who wants to try some of the finest wines, including fresh and the older ones. Speciality of this winery is that it produces wine in amphoras i.e. a long, narrow clay jar/container with two handles, wider at the top than at the base, that was used in ancient times especially for storing oil or wine.


Wine tasting: Yes, book an appointment: 095-202-5689



Wine cellar "Milina"

Smokvica 291; 20272 Smokvica