Smokvica’s churches and chapels include:

St. Michael’s Church (sv. Mihovil) – a local church built in 1372. Located right above the village. 

St.Andrew’s Church (sv Andrija) – built in 1346, located in Dračevica vineyard, right above the road to Cara village

St.Peter’s Church (Sv. Petar) – also built in 14th century, located near Siknica (Sitnica) field, above the path to Blato St

John The Baptist Church (sv. Ivan Krstitelj) – built in 1391, located above Siknica (Sitnica) field, near Studenac pond.

St Vitus Church (sv. Vid) – built in 1420, located at the very top of Marca Vrh hill, in vicinity of Siknica (Sitnica) field.

St Anna’s Church (sv Ana) – built in 1500’s, located in Prapratna vineyard.

St Cyprian’s Church (sv Ciprijan) – dates from 5th or 6th Century, rebuilt in 1896. Probably the first parish church of the village. Located at the village cemetery.

St Steven’s Church (Sv Stjepan) – built in 1974 , located in Brna.

Church of The Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary (crkva Očišćenja Marijina – Crkva Gospe Kandalore) – in the very centre of the village, this is Smokvica’s parish church.