• Toreta wine cellar

Inspirational wines from the inspirational Island of Korčula.

Winery Toreta is a family „boutique“ winary from Smokvica that produces wines from autochthonous grape varieties such as: Pošip, Rukatac and Plavac.

The story of Toreta starts in the wine cellar of the Baničević family where true love and virtuosity of wine making has been present for generations. They have been exploiting this gold colored elixir from their hundreds of years old vineyards. In the wine celler Toreta except for wine tasting you can also view the collection of tools and equipment from the past that were used for wine producing and you can hear stories of their family tradition. 


Wine tasting: Yes



Smokvica 163; 20272 Smokvica, Otok Korčula

tel +385 98 184 97 88  ; +385 98 178 26 45

email: toreta.wine@gmail.com    vinarija.toreta@gmail.com 

Facebook Toreta Winery https://www.facebook.com/winetoreta/ 

Instagram @toretawine https://www.instagram.com/toretawine/ 


Radno vrijeme :

-od 1.4. do 31.10. svaki dan od 10:00 do 20:00 h

-od 1.11.do 31.3. uz prethodnu najavu