Welcome to Repak Winery – a home of some fine Korcula wine, a perfect place for Posip wine tasting Korcula. Situated on an accessible point between Brna and the Smokvica center, the winery is opened for buying and tasting our wine.


Wine tasting: Yes


Ivan Radovanović – Repak

P.G. J. Radovanović

Smokvica 285

20272 Smokvica

mob: +385 91 1354 134

Winery opening time:

1.6-1.10, 8-21 h





Long lasting tradition of wine-growing is a significant part of life in the family of Baničević-Grošić and a reason for starting their winemaking business in Smokvica.  Most of the year the Sun shines upon the southern slopes of Smokvica where our forty – year old  vineyards are situated. This is the influence of the mild Mediterranean climate. We produce Superior & good quality wine varieties such as „Posip“, „Rukatac“, and Plavac Mali and we have cca.    15 000 planted vines.  We are also offering liquors, olive oil, and a homemade mint syrup.





  • Stanojevic Wine cellar

Family business Stanojevic exists since 2006. They primarily produce autochtonus white wine Pošip called Pošip Bleuš but their winery also offers red wine variety Plavac Mali called Plavac Bleus.  If you ever feel like trying superior and good quality wines feel free to visit their wine cellar and experince it firsthand or at the Posip Days festivity.



Wine tasting: Yes


Family rural household- wine cellar Stanojević

Smokvica 183; 20272 Smokvica

Tel +385(0)20 832 017

Mob +385(0)98 397078



  • Didovinka Wine cellar

Didovinka winery is situated in a beautiful village of Smokvica, on a picturesque island of Korčula. Come and taste the golden drops of Pošip and Rukatac, a rich bouquet of Plavac Mali and many other specialties of Smokvica, experience the hospitality of local people and learn about their lives embroidered with grape growing and wine making tradition.



Wine tasting: Yes


Vinarija "Didovinka"

Smokvica 253 ; 20272 Smokvica

Tel +385(0)20 831 173

Mob +385(0)91 506 4842


Stipe Tomašić 

  • Tomasic Stipe Winery

Stipe Tomašić winery has started producing wine since 2011. therefore it is relatively a new winery although their family tradition of winemaking begins 150 years ago. This wine cellar produces wine varieties such as Pošip, Rukatac and Plavac Mali.  Everything you want know about this particular winery and the anecdotes that happened there will be presented to you by the lovely hosts, with a glass of Pošip of course. 


Wine tasting: Yes


Wine cellar Stipe Tomašić

20272 Smokvica 

Smokvica 14 +385 20 831 153 



  • Peselj Wine cellar Smokvica

Winery cellar Pešelj is a small family business, located in the foothill of Smokvica with a longlasting tradition in making superior and good quality wines such as Pošip and Rukatac. Besides winemaking this winery also produces olive oil.


Wine cellar Pešelj Ivko

Smokvica 268; 20272 Smokvica

mob +385(0)95 527 591



 Wine tasting: No



  • Barbazza Wine cellar Smokvica

The Tradition of winemaking in the family of Mladen Tomašić – Barbazza lasts for half a millennium. This wine cellar offers wine varieties such as Pošip and Plavac mali, (superior & good quality). Olive oil is also produced along with the wine, and it is classified as extra virgin. The excellence of it's products and skills, both in wine and olive making acquired through generations is recognized by the quality label „Croatian Island Product.“  



Wine Cellar Tomašić Mladen

Smokvica 61; 20272 Smokvica

mob +385(0)98 177 6181




  • Plasa Wine cellar Smokvica

Wine cellar Plasa began it's work since year 2000.Apart from the two indigenous grape varieties, Pošip (white wine) and Plavac (red wine) this winery is the only one that offers white wine Grk which makes it unique in Smokvica.


Wine cellar "Plasa"

Smokvica 120; 20272 Smokvica

Tel +385(0)20 831104

Mob +385(0) 91 885 9233


Wine tasting: Yes



The bay Istruga houses tennis courts and in Smokvica there is a football field and indoor soccer pitch.

Swimming is the main fun for people of all ages and for amateur and sportsman with the clear clean sea offering an irresistible invitation.

Tennis Club "Mot"


Scuba diving 

Underwater of the entire island is very interesting for those who love scuba diving, regardless whether they are beginners or active divers. It is enough to dive and enjoy the beauty of the sea: fish, shells, rocks... There are several equipped diving clubs on the island which will take you to the best localities.